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Verizon to Get BlackBerry Storm 3 for Holidays?

We've been hearing a lot about different Droids set to come out of Verizon, but what about BlackBerry users? What have we got for them? Apparently, RIM could be releasing a BlackBerry Storm 3 and a Bold 3 in time for the holidays.

Engadget cites a source who says both a Storm 3 and a Bold 3 are a possibility for this upcoming holiday season. Throw in the supposed iPad rival RIM is said to be coming out with at the end of the year, and RIM fans could have themselves a party.

No details on either device were given, just that they might be available at the end of the year. However, the source also mentioned a 10.1-inch tablet for Verizon that could be either a BlackBerry tablet or one of the many Android tablets set to launch before 2011 hits.

Last week, more details emerged about the BlackBerry tablet RIM is working on. Originally set for launch at the beginning of 2011, the date has been pushed forward and the device will now be available before the end of the year. Packing a 1GHz processor, 3D graphics, full HD 1080p playback, and 16-megapixel image captures, the device will sport a 7-inch touchscreen, which is just a couple of inches smaller than the iPad. Previously thought to be just a companion device for people with BlackBerry's already, an analyst recently confirmed 3G and WiFi support for the device.