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Verizon to Get BlackBerry Storm 3 for Holidays?

We've been hearing a lot about different Droids set to come out of Verizon, but what about BlackBerry users? What have we got for them? Apparently, RIM could be releasing a BlackBerry Storm 3 and a Bold 3 in time for the holidays.

Engadget cites a source who says both a Storm 3 and a Bold 3 are a possibility for this upcoming holiday season. Throw in the supposed iPad rival RIM is said to be coming out with at the end of the year, and RIM fans could have themselves a party.

No details on either device were given, just that they might be available at the end of the year. However, the source also mentioned a 10.1-inch tablet for Verizon that could be either a BlackBerry tablet or one of the many Android tablets set to launch before 2011 hits.

Last week, more details emerged about the BlackBerry tablet RIM is working on. Originally set for launch at the beginning of 2011, the date has been pushed forward and the device will now be available before the end of the year. Packing a 1GHz processor, 3D graphics, full HD 1080p playback, and 16-megapixel image captures, the device will sport a 7-inch touchscreen, which is just a couple of inches smaller than the iPad. Previously thought to be just a companion device for people with BlackBerry's already, an analyst recently confirmed 3G and WiFi support for the device.

  • ern88
    Hope that RIM has locked down the antenna design lol
  • lauxenburg
    Hope it doesnt suck like its 2 older brothers.
  • snotling
    Hope the browser will be opera.
  • jerreece
    16-megapixel image captures

    Anyone who knows next to nothing about camers, CMOS sensors and such, is cringing at that one. 16 megapixels in a phone/iPad type device? Let's hope this thing has one heck of an image sensor in it, or it'll have some pretty crappy 16 megapixel images.
  • christop
    My sister has been through 3 storms this year kinda crappy.
  • tayb
    Not confident in RIMs ability to make a decent touch screen device. The first storm was a disaster and the second storm didn't fix much except for the horrendous "click through" screen. Maybe the third time is the charm but RIM doesn't seem capable of making a phone that can do business and play. Too focused on business.
  • maestintaolius
    snotlingHope the browser will be opera.You can install opera mini very easily on the BB.

    That said, I still want BB to remain business focused. But, I guess I'm just an old curmudgeon Luddite that expects my smartphone to do basic document work, internet, email and calls, I don't really need or want 20,000 fart apps and games, there's already 2 sets of phones that exist for that.
  • Going thru 3 Storms in a year ain't bad, I got mine one release day, horrible build quality. I would of exchanged mine sooner but worried of getting a phone with more problems. I'm on my 3rd in 1.5 yrs and will be switching to Android here in a few weeks. Bye bye RIM. On a side note, aside from the hardware failures requiring replacement the Storm has never failed me, but the tech is just old, on with the new! :)
  • Mark Heath
    I neither want, nor need that many megapixels clogging up space. That's more than the average user would benefit from in a dedicated camera.
  • I have been using blackberry's since the first pearl came out. Have had 2 pearls (upgrades, not replacements), a curve and a bold. I tried the storm1 out briefly before returning that garbage, and never got around to actually buying the storm2, although I really liked what I saw when I got my hands on it.

    Point is blackberry has long had an issue with dumb fat fingered CEO type business users who cant text on a touchscreen because they're too lazy or "busy" to learn a new format, hence the reason they rely on their blackberries for work. So RIM just keeps upgrading the keypad ever so slightly to appease their audience, and they do a good job at providing some nice new keyboards that really make texting better.

    Problem is RIM knows that their userbase doesnt even care about touchscreen devices, yet at the same time they have to design them to remain relevant in the cell phone industry. They dont want to be forgotten and relegated to "that funky business phone that some people still use". I think a tablet is a step in the right direction, since business savvy users will be keen on trying it out and hopefully usher them into the world of touchscreens and break their addiction to old school phone designs.