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Report: Verizon Killing Unlimited Data Next Week

AT&T ticked off a lot of people when it announced that it was ditching the unlimited plan so many customers had subscribed to. Sadly, the nation's biggest wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless, hinted that it might follow suit in the not too distant future. The most recent reports suggest that Verizon could move ahead with these plans this month.

Last month, John Killian, Chief Financial Officer at Verizon, told Bloomberg that his company would 'probably need to change the design of their pricing' and get rid of unlimited data.

"We will probably need to change the design of our pricing where it will not be totally unlimited, flat rate," he said.

These remarks followed comments made by CTO Anthony Melone, who said the company would be dropping the all-you-can-eat data option once Verizon launched its 4G LTE network.

"As much data as you can consume is the big issue that has to change," the CTO told the Wall Street Journal in March.

However, Melone also implied that Verizon doesn't want customers to worry about how much data they're using. Melone said the company needed to offer a transparent way for customers to track how much data they're using.

"It's one thing to say all you can eat is gone," he told the Journal. "It's another to have consumers worrying, 'Can I stream this radio?' That's what we don't want."

Engadget this week carries an exclusive report in which it claims to have heard Verizon will announce tiered data plans on July 29.