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Japanese Vending Machines Puts Faces in Your Coffee

If the number of Starbucks stores around the world is an indicator of anything, it's that the people must have their coffee. Some people like their coffee black, others like it with sugar and or creamer, but apparently some people in Japan prefer their coffee with a face staring back at them. At the Yojiya Cafe coffeehouses located throughout Japan, baristas are trained to create an iconic face on the top of customers' coffee. Even more surprising is the fact that there is now a vending machine that does the exact same thing.

Although it's a mystery what exactly goes on inside that gigantic vending machine seen in the video, we're pretty sure it involves ingredients that are carefully and precisely prepared to order. That would definitely explain why the machine takes so long to prepare the drink. As of now, the machine only knows how to make that one face, but we're guessing it probably wouldn't be too hard to create other images in the future.