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A Lightbulb Driven by Genuinely New Tech

The last major update to the incandescent bulb was way back in 1910, when some enterprising fellow decided to use tungsten for the bulb's filament. Since then we have been using the same technology, despite all the technological leaps and bounds. A hundred years is far too long a wait for something new.

Thankfully, VU1 has come out with a brand-new lightbulb that's perfect for our more eco-friendly future. The Seattle-based company has finally received UL certification for its flagship technology, the Electron Stimulated Luminescence bulb. Instead of the old tactic of generating light by superheating a tungsten filament, the ESL creates light by bombarding phosphor with accelerated electrons.

This groundbreaking technology is 70% more efficient than incandescents. Unlike CFLs, it doesn't contain any mercury. This makes it eco-friendly even when it's time to throw it away. Additionally, it does all this while maintaining the classic bulb shape we all know and love, so we can still use the idea bulb. Except this time around, the idea will be environmentally sound.

[source: VU1 Corporation via Core77]