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Logitech Intros Wireless Touchpad for PCs

Logitech today introduced the upcoming Wireless Touchpad. Its application should be a given: it will add multitouch capabilities to Windows 7-based desktops and notebooks including one-finger control, two-finger scrolling, three-finger and four-finger swiping. Unfortunately, the device won't come cheap, costing $49.99 USD.

"Designed for Windows 7 operating systems, the Logitech Wireless Touchpad features multi-touch navigation and gesture-based controls, making it a snap to point, scroll and swipe your way to wherever you go on the Web," said Chris Labrutto, Logitech senior global product manager. "A large touch surface gives you plenty of room to stretch your fingertips. And set-up is easy: just plug the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver into a USB port, put the touchpad anywhere on your desk or tabletop and get started. The receiver simultaneously supports up to five more compatible devices."

According to the company's website, Logitech's Unifying receiver is an extremely small, low-profile USB-based receiver that supports a number of Logitech wireless keyboards, mice and number pads. It also supports "advanced" 2.4 GHz wireless allowing a range of up to 82 feet between the receiver and the Touchpad (or other compatible Logitech devices). This could make the Touchpad an ideal device for a home theater, allowing the user to easily swipe through media or the Internet from the couch across the room.

On the hardware side, the Touchpad will be compatible with Windows 7 and offer a 5-inch touch surface when it lands on store shelves. The device will also offer a 4-month battery life and an LED indicator that will alert the user when the battery level is getting low. Unfortunately, Logitech doesn't offer actual device dimensions but does promise "clutter-free" Internet surfing with the new device.

The Logitech Wireless Touchpad is now up for pre-order at $49.99 USD here. Actual availability is unknown at this time, so stay tuned.