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World's Fastest Production Car on eBay

Who would have thought that consumers can not only buy cool Star Wars toys, but the world's fastest production car on eBay? 

Sometimes the items found on eBay can just leave its shoppers speechless, including this one. From rare video games to rare (and tasty) copies of Playboy Magazine, the online auction site can not only be addicting and financially devastating, but incredibly surprising in what it can actually offer. A good example of that is the source of this article: the 2007 Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero featuring Chasis No. TT-02. According to the auction, this is the actual car used to break the World Production Speed Record, unseating the previous champ, the Bugatti Veyron.

Now, the question we have to ask is this: why eBay? Surely a car of this magnitude could be auctioned off privately... and rather quickly enough. Currently the bid sits at $425,100.000 USD, with an unknown reserve not yet met as of this writing. The actual price of the TT-02 costs just above $600,000, so it's quite possible that the reserve may actually range in the seven-figure ballpark. Surprising? Not really. It's quite possible eBay is tied into this auction somehow; perhaps it's a partnership to donate money to a need charity.

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the TT-02 features a meager 1,345 miles on the odometer, a black Alcantara interior, and a beautiful palladium exterior that defines all of its curves and luscious shapes like a slinky hot dress. The cockpit of this land-based rocket-on-wheels also contains an audio/CD/DVD system, a 7.5-inch video/DVD screen, a backup camera, a navigational system, and a 10-speaker stereo system. Oh, and this fancy car sports the usual goodies as well including power windows, power mirrors, tilt steering and more... meaning it's just not a hull with a meaty engine underneath.

Under the hood, the car gets its horsepower not from Twin Ion Engines or a Warp Core, but a hand-built 387-cubic-inch V-8 SSC-designed all-aluminum engine with sequential, multi-port fuel injection, twin-turbo chargers, and dual water to air intercoolers. Apparently, the TT-02 utilizes eight radiators to handle the immense heat produced by the engine, protecting both the financial investment and driver from disintegrating like a mosquito zapped by a laser.

Want more details? "This incredible powerplant generates 1,183 BHP @ 6075 RPM and 1,094 ft-lbs of torque @ 6150 RPM," reads the auction. "The Turbos are set to produce 14 psi of boost and the engine redlines at 7200rpms." With all that hardware packed under its sleek hood, it's surprising that the TT-02 doesn't travel through time like Dr, Emmett Brown's DeLorean time machine. "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

Back on September 13, 2007, the TT-02 broke the World Production Speed Record (PDF), driven by Chuck Bigelow as he pushed speeds at an average of 256.18 MPH; Guinness officially certified the record on October 9, 2007 (PDF). According to the auction, the winning bidder not only lands the world's fastest production car, but also receives a commemorative watch, a key fob, the original wheels and tires used to break the record (removed to preserve their "collector value"), and a framed official Guinness World Records certificate with a commemorative photo signed by the Shelby Supercars team.

However, the wining bidder will also have to cough up 20 percent of the final auction price within 72 hours, and then pay off the rest of the car note within seven days thereafter. Needless to say, it's safe to assume that Shelby Supercars doesn't accept trade-ins, nor will it take a bidding from just anyone: the listing is restricted to pre-approved bidders or buyers only.