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USB is Satan; Bluetooth is Jesus Christ

Is the USB symbol really the mark of the devil? One group in Brazil thinks so, claiming that the circle, triangle and square connected to an even larger circle diagram resembles a trident used to torture souls down south.

Let's be honest here: the USB symbol does have some resemblance to a trident, featuring three prongs and at least one sharp tip. We're not talking about the current logo consisting of the plug and "Certified USB" label, but rather the symbol clearly marked on the actual connectors. Do a search on the internet, and it's referenced as the USB "trident" symbol.

While it's origin was hard to locate, one suggestion is that the artist based the layout on Neptune's Trident. The three shapes represent three unique devices that can connect to one central destination without the need to reboot--unlike the old-school serial and parallel ports. Could it have been designed using a less sinister layout? Perhaps.

As for the Brazilian group claiming the symbol represents Satan, they're forbidding followers from using any type of USB-dependent device including flash drives, mice and keyboards. According to a report from the Guardian, peripherals must use "common connections." The use of any type of USB device is deemed as worshiping the devil.

On a positive note, the group approves the use of Bluetooth because Jesus Christ had blue eyes.