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U.S. Copyright Office Opposes Google Book Deal

As the latest entity to offer a negative opinion on the proposed settlement between the Authors Guild and search giant Google, the U.S. Copyright Office has said the agreement would alter the landscape of copyright law.

Reuters cites Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters as saying the Office originally viewed the agreement as positive but soon shifted its view because the class action settlement covered future behavior instead of just redressing past actions.

"The settlement would bind authors, publishers, their heirs and successors to these rules, even though Google has not yet scanned and may never scan their works," Peters said in her written testimony.

With more countries and organizations opposing the deal every day (and the Department of Justice's antitrust division investigating), do you think it's likely that this deal will be abandoned? Google and Yahoo! last year had a highly controversial ad deal in the works that both companies said was penned to meet DOJ standards. However, that deal was abandoned just hours before the DOJ made a decision as to whether or not the deal could go ahead. Do you think history could repeat itself? Let us know in the comments below.

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