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UK: Samsung LED TV Ads Are ''Misleading''

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority is cracking down on Samsung, ruling that the use of the term "LED TV" in ads for its edge-lit LED-backlit LCD displays violates the country's advertising codes. The organization stated that the ads are misleading because Samsung does not offer a full LED display, and has demanded that they "not appear again in their current form."

"We considered that the ad implied the TV displays were comprised totally of LEDs similar to some outdoor displays when that was not the case," the ASA reported. "We considered that because the ads were ambiguous and did not make clear how the TVs utilized the LED technology, the ads were likely to mislead."

Naturally Samsung responded to the ASA accusations, claiming that the "LED TV" phrase merely stated what type of technology their TVs used (as opposed to LCD TVs) in a general way to the consumer. The company also said that the phrase evolved from "LED-based LCD TV" and "LED LCD TV," and that both the consumer and the industry now use the simplified term.

Obviously, the ASA didn't buy the claims, and have now forced the company to alter its online and print ads in the UK.