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Microsoft Teases 'Flat and Touchy' Hardware

Microsoft began teasing a 'flat and touchy' mystery device on its Microsoft Hardware Twitter page this week and we're stumped. Okay, we're not exactly stumped, because it definitely looks like a phone, but it's also possible that it's some kind of MID or tablet.

The photo below was posted yesterday with the text, "Here's your second clue to our next product release." The tweet below that was posted on Monday.

But that's not all. One Engadget reader sniffed around the Twitpic account used to post yesterday's photo and discovered another picture uploaded last week. Another reader then sent in a composite of the two images together, and it's looking very smartphoney.

We're going to go with Windows Phone 7, because that's been set up for an autumn launch, but feel free to speculate as much as your little hearts desire.