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WinMo Smart Phones, Ultra-Big Screens

What's Behind The Screen?

Windows Mobile looks so dated next to the iPhone—or does it? The fastest smart phone so far (at least measured by processor specs) is the phone with the biggest screen we ever saw: the Toshiba TG01, which runs Windows Mobile.  The CDMA version of the TG01 has just cleared the FCC (and will soon head to Sprint or Verizon), while the Touch Pro2, which also runs on Windows Mobile, is already available by T-Mobile. Tom’s Guide tested these phones with evaluation units from European carriers. They both have big-touch screens, sleek styling, and plenty of clever ideas, but are they smart enough to make Windows Mobile look as smart as these phones seem?

Toshiba TG01
HTC Touch Pro2
Dimensions (in)
5.1 x 2.8 x 0.4”2.4 x 4.6 x 0.7”
Weight (oz.)
4.55 oz.
6.6 oz
Display Size (in)
Resolution (Px)
Operating System
Windows Mobile 6.1Windows Mobile 6.1
3.15 Mp w/ auto focus3.2 Mp w/ auto focus, secondary VGA CMOS camera for video calls
Internal Memory
256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM288 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM
Memory Card
microSD up to 32GBmicroSD up to 32 GB
3G (850 MHz; 900 MHz; 1,800 MHz; 1,900 MHz)
802.11 b/g802.11 b/g
Talk Time
Up to 240 minutes for WCDMAUp to 300 minutes for GSMUp to 390 minutes for WCDMAUp to 510 minutes for GSM
Standby Time
Up to 220 hours for GSMUp to 750 hours for WCDMAUp to 500 hours for GSM
$349 with SmartPhone service plan ($499 phone only from Let’s Talk)
TBA: Sprint or VerizonT-Mobile (Verizon, Sprint and AT&T expected)
  • kyeana
    Ill still stick with the pre
  • intesx81
    The Touch Pro2 is a hot phone. The local T-Mobile has been out of stock since the day it was available. Unfortunately there aren't enough complaining customers to make T-Mobile offer great upgrade pricing for people in the middle of their contracts. (Like AT&T and the latest iPhone) No phone is worth $500+ but for my needs (and wants) the Touch Pro2 is pretty close.
  • rcmaniac25
    I'll stick with my Storm until WinMobile 7 comes out and then I will decide if I should switch over.
  • pender21
    Why isn't Google Android taking off yet? Its been a disappointment.
  • kato128
    Got burned big time with windows mobile 6.1 on my HTC Diamond. Worst phone and interface ever. So they're really going to have to wow me to get me to get another windows mobile device.
  • captaincharisma
    that touch pro 2 is too bulky for me. i like a slim phone (i miss my moto RAZR) that's why after having to replace my touch dual i went with the HTC touch diamond because of of its slim size and is the same size as a kit-kat bar.
  • tanderskey
    the phone handsets sure are pretty. too bad they have WinMo stuck on 'em. i'd be down with basically anything but WinMo. chug, chug, chug, reboot. chug, chug, reboot. remove battery. chug, chug, yawn.
  • o0RaidR0o
    I love my Tilt phone running SPB shell :) Just waiting on the second gen Tilt 2 (touchpro 2). Screen size is important to me. You can see more in a single look, more room to type, enjoy media files, etc. Can't wait!