Torchlight 2 Delayed for Tweaks and Balancing

The much-anticipated dungeon crawler Torchlight II was expected to hit before Diablo III, if only because Blizzard had continually delayed Diablo III's projected release date.

However, when Blizzard finally pinned down Diablo III's release date for May 15 of this year, developer Runic Games stated that, ideally, Torchlight II would be available for release a month after.

Now, here we are in July, and there's still no sign of Torchlight II. Runic director and co-founder Travis Baldree has explained in a Runic Games forum post why Torchlight's sequel has been delayed. After the Torchlight II beta took place, the developer implemented changes according to feedback and, as a result, there was extensive tweaking to be done. Some of the biggest changes he outlined were skill changes. Some Torchlight II skills have been nerfed, passives have been moved to their own section, skill unlock levels are now no longer determined by their position in the skill tree, and finally, skills can now be queued.

Not all work has been completed yet. There's still "polishing" to be done for the game, which Baldree breaks down to "skill" and "act" polishing:

"Skill polish involves making all the tier bonuses interesting, and finishing up the skills that we didn't show in the Beta, and just generally making sure that everything feels good and is reasonably balanced. A pass has already been done to give everything tier bonuses, but some of them are not as nice as we would like, so we are punching them up.

Act polish is the most time consuming. We have currently split and are polishing Act 2 and Act 3 simultaneously."

Basically, not only is Runic currently tweaking and balancing character skills, but the skills of every single monster in the game. It looks like the process is going to take some time, at least quite a few weeks since Baldree plans on posting "on a more-or-less weekly basis until this ships to give you something to chew on." So if you were looking forward to Torchlight II in the near future, it might just be best to give Torchlight a revisit while you're waiting.

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  • rantoc
    Rather wait than get something half-baked!
  • opmopadop
    I cant help but feel like it will be worth the wait.
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  • rantoc
    Rather wait than get something half-baked!
  • opmopadop
    I cant help but feel like it will be worth the wait.
  • icepick314
    I bought Torchlight 2 4-pack for me and my friends just because I hated all the implementation Activision put into Diablo 3.

    Nerfing bosses and enemies, crappy online features, greedy auction house practices are just some of the reason why I stayed away from Diablo 3.

    My friends all have it and after they beaten the game a few times, while they liked the game, it wasn't worth all the lag, price, and lack of fun compared to Diablo 2 we had in the past.

    I'm glad Runic is putting all the extra time in getting the gameplay right. I didn't get into beta unfortunately but I hope it'll be worth the wait if me and my friends have a blast playing together.