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World's Smallest Space Invaders Arcade System

Claiming to possibly be the world's smallest Space Invaders arcade system, YouTube user Vcoleiro1's tiny gaming cabinet is filled with Game Boy Advanced SP parts to create a fully functional system. Complete with working joystick and buttons, the user is able to play Space Invaders or any other Game Boy Advanced game by simply placing the cartridge into the system.

Although it may not be the easiest experience to play on this tiny 7-inch tall system, it is definitely one of the coolest mods we've seen. Check out the YouTube video to see Vcoleiro1's awesome mod in action!


  • christop
    Kick ass!!!!
  • And I would have the smallest score :D
  • blubbey
    That's awesome.
  • spaceinvaderx
    I could see myself making one of these...
  • i want one!!
  • RabidFace
    Now that I have seen this, I want GALAGA! :D

    But, as for his wiring, seriously? Couldn't have used a few inches less?
  • lethal decipher
    ...the actual (old) ones started faster than that!
  • Doom3klr
    He should sell them thats cool