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Time Warner Launches Wideband Too

Consumers with no other option but to subscribe to Time Warner's broadband service can finally have something to look forward to: 50 Mb/s downloads starting today. Sadly enough, the company is actually one of the last of the major U.S. cable providers to launch a DOCSIS 3.0-based "Wideband" Internet service, offering the impressive 50 Mb/s download speeds and 5 Mb/s uploads.

But don't get too excited: Time Warner isn't upgrading current subscriptions. In fact, this special service will cost a whopping $100 per month, but will also allow up to five separate connections to the Wideband service simultaneously. however if the price wasn't aggravating enough, the DOCSIS 3.0 Internet connection isn't available nationwide, but rather kicked off today in certain parts of New York City including Manhattan below 79th Street, Staten Island, and sections of Queens.

Time Warner is also offering two plans for Business Class Wideband Internet customers: up to 50 Mb/s downstream and 5 Mb/s upstream, or up to 20 Mb/s downstream and 2 Mb/s upstream. Business Class customers will also receive 24/7 support and 5 static IP addresses. Time Warner did not offer pricing details for Business Class, although the information is expected to surface later next year.

According to Time Warner, the Wideband service is slated to infiltrate the entire New York City service area by Spring 2010. There was no word on  when the company expects Broadband Internet to escape from New York. Hopefully we won't have to go in and retrieve all that Wideband goodness Snake Plissken-style.