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Fully Functional Terminator Arm on Ebay for $3600

Terminator fans who aren’t too scared of a inviting a T800 into their homes are in for quite a treat. Nephalim XFX has created a replica of the T800’s metallic skeleton structure seen in Terminator 2. The kicker about this movie prop? It isn’t just a prop—it is a fully animatronic hand designed to articulate just like a human hand.

Robert Haiduga is the designer responsible for such an awesome creation of iconic movie history, allowing movements to be stored on an SD card and programmed on a PC to create movements for the hand. There are 12 different servos that give it the full movement expected of a human hand, wrist, and forearm.

The last detail making this even more awesome is that the arm itself is also equipped to deliver sound effects for authenticity—if having a full metal construction to mimic a true robot isn’t enough realism for you. Expect to pay for the working model, however, as it is currently priced at approximately $3600. Starting bid, however, is at a slightly more manageable $1750.