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Some Galaxy S IIs Will Have Tegra 2 Chipsets

There are tons of tablets on the way packing Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset, but only a couple of phones boasting the same beastly dual-core power. Today we learn that the Samsung Galaxy S II will join the Motorola Atrix and the LG Optimus in the prestigious ‘superphone’ category.

Nvidia today confirmed to ITProPortal that Samsung will be using its Tegra 2 chipset in an upcoming version of the Galaxy S II. Announced at MWC, the Galaxy S II actually uses Samsung’s own dual-core processor, but it’s thought that Samsung hasn’t been able to produce enough of the Exynos in time for the launch so Tegra will pick up the slack until production reaches a satisfactory level.

According to ITProPortal, some territories will be getting a Galaxy S II with the Exynos while others will get Tegra guts instead.

  • eklipz330
    ooh i wonder which one will perform better??
  • papaswedine
    I'll take a tegra 2 please, as it will probably be "more compatible" with most apps.
  • megamanx00
    It's amazing how powerful these phone CPUs are getting. I'm sure this thing would chew up and spit out my laptops of long ago. I'm curious to see what the final specs will be.
  • Cons29
    worried about battery life
  • Too bad they don't update their software....
  • cphorn15
    billoawneyToo bad they don't update their software....
    Samsung definitely upgrades their Galaxy software, but if you're looking for where to point your finger, point it at your cellular company. Unless you have Sprint, who just recently started rolling out Froyo I think. I have personally rooted mine so I don't have to deal with bloatware and have access to the most up to date software.
  • lamorpa
    Cons29worried about battery lifeafraid of the dark
  • borisof007
    Tegra > Exynos
  • mayankleoboy1
    tegra2 FTW