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Samsung Files Patent for Double-sided Tablet

As magical and revolutionary as the iPad claims to be, our readers have pointed out many times that the iPad was not the first tablet to exist. However, the iPad's success has shown other manufacturers just how popular the slate design is with computer users, and they're all eager to jump on the bandwagon. Rather than going with the tried and true design, it looks like Samsung is looking to modify the design just a little bit and make things more interesting.

If you were excited by Microsoft's dual-screen Courier tablet, you're going to love this: Samsung is also considering a tablet that has two screens, but this one doesn't open like a book. It has the same basic form as a slate tablet, but it has a second display on the back. According to Unwired Review, the main display is for traditional operations, while the secondary display on the back is for additional touch control gestures and operation patterns.

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