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Terrifying Giant TP-Link Robot Dances for Us at CES

Companies try all sorts of things to grab the attention of weary businesspeople, worn out by global travel, as they wander the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, overwhelmed by CES. A few go the hot booth babes route to lure in buyers like Sirens luring Trojan War vets. Sometimes they have freebies or food. Howeverm TP-Link stumbled upon the greatest plan of all when they decided to bring this astonishingly articulated robot with them. The range of motion is incredible, and even the approximation of facial expression is impressively convincing. But the most important thing is that it can spin a guitar and dance.

Incidentally, judging by the way the robot's winning ways were interrupted by a PR guy who kept trying to get the crowd to cheer their other, non-dancing products, this was all a ploy to promote TP-Link's TL-WR700N mini wireless pocket router. Were they successful? Probably not, but the dancing robot was a hit.