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THQ Confirms Name For Sony's Motion Controller

On Wednesday, THQ CEO Brian Farrell pulled a Harold McGraw and belted out the name of Sony's upcoming motion controller for the PlayStation 3 before it was formally announced. We've already heard rumors that "Arc" was the name Sony finally settled on for it's fairly odd-looking device. However, THQ's now-official support for Sony's PlayStation Arc motion controller hammers the proverbial nail into the coffin.


According to VG247, Farrell called the motion controller "Arc" twice during THQ's Q3 2010 financial call last night. The name originally surfaced in October 2009 as the result of a domain name registration filed by Sony. The company eventually denied the name just before pushing the launch of the device back from Spring 2010 to Fall 2010.

So is this thing really the "Arc?" There's a good chance Sony will deny the name again until the official Big Reveal. There's also a good chance it's not called Arc, and that was just the name Farrell decided to use to make it easier to portray in the call... like a nickname of sorts. "Arc" is certainly quicker to say than "Sony's Motion Controller Thingamabob Doohicky Device."

Still, we're betting Farrell unintentionally spilled the beans, and that Sony will remain in denial until E3 2010 in June. Guess THQ will be booted from the launch lineup just like Apple supposedly booted McGraw-Hill. But hey, at least Sony's device isn't called "the joystick" ...that might cause a fuss like Apple's iPad. Still, we're betting that if Sony incorporates the Rumble feature into Arc, they'll fly off the shelves like hotcakes come this fall.