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Ultra Slim Swiss Army USB Tool Has No Knife

Earlier this year, Victorinox, makers of the original 'Swiss Army Knife' announced their line of Swiss Army USB drives. Unfortunately you won't be opening any bottles or slicing through any packaging with these, since there are no blades or other miscellaneous tools attached. Coming in a Slim and Slim Duo with sizes ranging from 4GB to 128GB, the Victorinox Swiss Army USB drive is finally shipping and can be purchased with a price range of $39.99 to $349.999 at the Swiss Knife Shop.

Although these drives aren't much smaller than traditional flash drives, they are as resilient as the rest of Victorinox's Swiss Army products. Completely waterproof, shock-resistant and even offering USB data encryption, the Swiss Army USB has much more to offer than awesome looks. Coming in various bright colors, they will also be easy to find, which is a good thing considering they are fairly pricey.