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SunRed Moped is a Solar Armadillo

Mopeds never make heads turn, so Spanish design firm Guimeraicinca decided to do something about that. The SunRed moped concept is your typical low-speed two-wheeler, save for the retractable shell full of solar cells. The rider will simply pull the shell over the entire vehicle when parked, turning it into a dark grey solar armadillo of sorts. SunRed then soaks up the sun in this weather-friendly configuration.

After a long and tiring day, SunRed's shell opens up to accommodate the trip, the battery full from an entire day of charging. In this form, the moped looks like a streamlined cruiser, with curves that don't betray the vehicle's bare-minimum origins. Our only worry: won't the dark shell make it hard to see the SunRed at night?