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Tech Prep for Your Summer Vacation

Summer Migration? Newegg Can Help!

Maybe it’s because we’ve been socially trained by public school to expect a vacation every time June rolls around, but there's nothing like summer weather to inspire you to travel. You’ve been working hard all year, so why not take advantage of the better weather to let yourself go abroad and unwind?

While the vacation itself might be fun, planning for traveling isn’t. There’s the stress of trying to remember all the things you need to bring crossed with the costs of what you need to buy. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a small list of things that you might want to think about getting in just in case you decide to go abroad this summer to help you as you plan. Some are smaller items that really are for the vacationer in you, while others are more heavy investments that should see constant use year-round.

To kick off the summer season, Tom's Guide has teamed up with Newegg to give away a Toshiba Ultrabook, valued at $799.99!

Enter here from June 29th through July 13h, fill out the entry form, and good luck!