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Afghan Receives Death Penalty For Downloading and Distributing Women's Rights Article

Pervez Kambaksh is accused of downloading and then distributing reports on women’s rights. The student claims he was tortured until he confessed.

Kambaksh represented himself in the case after fundamentalist groups threatened to kill anyone who dared represent him. He was convicted for blasphemy during a four-minute trial back in January but appealed the charges yesterday.

The prosecution claimed that Mr Kambaksh had disrupted classes at the university by asking questions about women’s rights under Islam. It then claimed he distributed an article on the subject (downloaded from the internet) after writing an additional three paragraphs including the phrase "This is the real face of Islam ... The prophet Mohamad wrote verses of the holy Koran just for his own benefit."

Mr Kambaksh released a statement saying he would never allow himself to write such an article and that the false accusations stem from two professors and student supporters who he claims have “private hostilities against him”.

The head of the panel of three judges, Abdul Salaam Qazizada, adjourned the trial until next Sunday to allow Kambaksh additional time to find a lawyer.

The Independent

  • The ugly face of islam is showing up again...
  • Pei-chen
    It had nothing to do with women's right; he attacked the prophet Muhammad and the Koran. Is it that hard for non-East Asian journalists to be ethical?

    BTW, you misspelled Muhammad.
  • Its not the ugly face of Islam,
    Its the ugly face of people, Islam does not say someone should be sentensed to death for distributing woman's rights papers.
  • " represented himself in the case after fundamentalist groups threatened to kill anyone who dared represent him."

    Are they fundamentalist Christians? Jews? Buddhists? Hindus? Taoists? Ralians? I don't theenk so, Uglyfacey ;-)
  • aznguy0028
    makes you wonder, human kind being the most "intelligent" species on earth, yet are so susceptible to brainwashing by fanatical extremism everywhere. just goes to show how strong the environment and culture can affect someone to go to such extremes...aka suicide bombing...etc. its really sad.
  • athauglasUse your head, "humanist". Religious extremism is everywhere, and equally scary no matter in Whose name.
    Religious extremism is everywhere, I agree.
    Equally scaring? Please be serious. E V E R Y single day, just turn on the TV in any democratic country and listen to the news. EQUALLY scaring???
  • I really feel for that young man and I pray to god, the same god that the Jewish, the Christians and the Muslims pray to, for his well-being.

    I normally curse people, and reserve my prayers for myself. But just so happens, when the corrupted media turns a blind eye, you happen to see true courage.
  • both old school Judaism and Islam were pretty barbaric religions.
    I speak as a Jew, and a relatively well informed one. Judaism in its original biblical form killed gay people, had very weird notions on womens rights, and even more aggresive notions on "non jew" people.
    Islam took most of those views, alas, from us.
    But the thing is, in a democratic country, alot of those rules are read, reread and reinterpeted for the 21st century.
    In many of the less educated countries, they dont bother to rewrite the rules.
    The rules are written in stone, to be followed to the letter.
    The Koran itself has quite a few violent edicts.
    Despite the fact that all religions have extremists, Islam and Judaism have the most problem with extremists, seeing they have so much background material to work with.

    Oh, and the fact that there are almost a billion muslims.
    So when a huge chunk of the population is following a religion which is not always very peacefull , and has extremist religious leaders at some countries, well, that makes it scarier then other extreme religions.

    Please feel free to flame / spam me.
  • "This is the real face of Islam ... The prophet Mohamad wrote verses of the holy Koran just for his own benefit."

    Has there ever been a church whose intention was NOT to control people, to make them behave according to someone's will?

    "A man chooses, a slave obeys." - Andrew Ryan :)
  • Sunfighterlc
    By looking at most these comments its pretty obvious the western cultures are in decline, as they have turned a blind eye to direct threats against their well being. Mostly due to extreme liberalism that has perimated their culture. Conservative/extreme cultures are the ones that expand because they believe in their moral and cultural superiority. See also Europe during the late middle ages, and Islam today. Over time these cultures become infected with liberalism whos open, diverse and tolerent overtures appeal to the natural instincts of man, While fair sounding, this eventually weakens the culture to a point where selfishness and greed become the norm. This opens up the culture to invasion/cultural domination by a more conservative one, because the extreme liberalism pacifies the native population to the point where they will not react to such threats until it is too late. (ex, US vs Hispanics, Serbs vs Albanians, Euros vs Islamics).

    Conservative cultures expand, liberal ones contract. While those of you believe you are being fair and just, and you are, all you are doing is seeding your own demise.