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VOTW: Steve Jobs Portrayed as Dark Sith Lord

It's been a long road for the iPhone 4. It all started with the usual, 'new iphone' rumors at the beginning of the year, but things went a bit off course when Gawker Media managed to procure themselves an iPhone through questionable means. Even after that brouhaha had died down, there was yet more controversy brought on by the fact that the antennae design appeared to be faulty.

These are just two of the biggest events that affected the iPhone 4. After Friday's press conference, one Taiwanese news station felt it necessary to recapitulate the events of the last four or five months with the following cartoon.

I have no idea what the narrator is saying, but it trust me when I say you really don't need to understand Mandarin to enjoy the clip below.

Here's one with English subtitles so you can hear what the nice lady is saying. Make sure you enable captions in the YouTube video menu.