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Steve Jobs Suffers From "Common Bug"

Monday saw Steve Jobs climb on stage and give his keynote speech to thousands of people who apparently, were shocked by his supposedly skinny and pale appearance.

Concerns and reports regarding the health of the Apple CEO have been a common enough occurrence over the last four years.

In 2004, Jobs was diagnosed with a rare but cureable form of pancreatic cancer. He went under the knife and was cured without the use of chemo therapy. This would naturally put supporters on edge with regard to his appearance but the fact that Steve Jobs allegedly kept quiet about his cancer for months before going public with the news.

In 2006, following the WWDC, similar concerns began doing the rounds on the internet saying again, that Steve Jobs was underweight compared to previous performances.

In that instance, Katie Cotton, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Apple and enquired about Steve’s health told Information Week that Steve’s health was “robust” and that the company had “no idea” where all the rumours were coming from.

The Wall Street Journal contacted Apple and reports that a spokesperson for the company stated that Jobs had been suffering from a “common bug” in the weeks leading up to the conference but felt it was important he still make his keynote speech. The same spokesperson told the WSJ that he was on the road to recovery and taking antibiotics.

However it is unlikely that this statement will put the worriers at ease as it is a well known fact that Steve Jobs only revealed he had had cancer after he was in the clear.