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Square Enix Makes Final Fantasy 7 PC Re-release Official

A few weeks ago, a leaked website registered by Square Enix and dedicated to a Final Fantasy VII PC release caused speculation about a Final Fantasy VII re-make.

Unfortunately for Final Fantasy VII fans longing for such a re-make, this isn't the case. However, you do have something to cheer about. Square Enix has officially confirmed that they will be re-releasing Final Fantasy VII on the PC (only for the Square Enix store, mind you) with new content. Cloud saves and "character boosters," which haven't been described beyond the fact that they will help maximize your characters in instances when you're stuck, will be a part of the new content.

There's no pricing or release date available for the re-release yet, although the previous leak revealed the price to be £7.99/€9.99 (approximately $12.50.)

You can view the trailer and slew of screenshots for the PC re-release at the Final Fantasy VII PC release official site.

  • s3anister
    I get the feeling that Square is never going to re-make FF7. Oh well, this is cool in its own way.
  • chronicbint
    Great at the time but wouldn't want to replay it. Its really poor these days.
  • outlw6669
    Although a remake would be nice (assuming they do not change anything in the story or character interactions), I am quite happy with an updated release.

    This year in gaming is starting to look pretty good!
    MechWarrior reboot, re-release of FF7; all that is needed now is a Tie Fighter reboot :)
  • IH8U
    Very nice! I wonder if they will put it on GoG, or Steam (for more of a market)?
  • guanyu210379
    A complete remake would be nice (new graphics and stuffs) is stupid!
    I ain't paying one single cent for more than 10 years old graphic quality.

    I got myself FF3 on my SGS3...that one is nice..complete upgrade FF3 graphic..
  • cumi2k4
    1. Didn't some fans already have some mod for the original ff7 to enhance the graphic?
    2. I really really hope that the game industry won't follow the movie industry by re-release/re-mix/re-update old stuffs....but apparently COD series and now this....
  • choji7
    Shame its just a re release. Updating the graphics, even just a little, would really mean something. Even if it is only $10, I feel $10 is too much for a re release of an game. I guess it just depends on how much new content they add to this version.
  • Leopardos
    Who the hell is thumping down every post? it people's opinion, if you dont like it, dont thump down or even up !
  • bildo123
    I still have the original trapozoid shaped PC box. Best RPG I've ever played.
  • tomfreak
    I tot was on PC long ago? why again?