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Square Revolutionizes Digital Payments

Square has created a brand new app and card case that hopes to revolutionize the payment industry by "transforming everyday transactions between buyers and sellers into something special". This reinvention of the point of sale allows users to turn their iPads and iPhones into mobile, portable, points of sale where they will have customizable inventory as well as analytic essentials such as transaction reports and digital receipts.

Although Square's app+card reader combination is an innovative and affordable method for making and managing transactions, the company has taken it a step further with the introduction of the Card Case. This program builds and maintains relationships between customers and merchants through virtual loyalty cards for businesses and customers.

After a transaction is processed, customer information is retained so they can set up running tabs with merchants as well as check up on transaction histories. Card Case will also utilize geolocation in order to display menus, specials, coupons or directories that help the customer find whatever it is he or she is looking for.

For more information on this innovative new product, head on over to Square's Card Case page.