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Apple's Possible New Logo And Ditching of Google Maps

Image via 619 Design

Image via 619 Design

Apple has had some big announcements this week, unveiling the iPad 3--I mean “the New iPad” and the new 1080p model of the Apple TV. However, there’s plenty of big news to be gleaned about Apple from its presentation that the company didn’t officially announce.

During Apple’s presentation showing off the new iPhoto booth for iPhone and iPad, did you notice something different about the maps service that the app was using? Apple’s apparently ditched Google Maps for OpenStreetMap in the new iPhoto. Don’t panic just yet. Apple’s not entirely ditching Google Maps as it’ll still be used in the iPhone’s location services.

Apple’s switch over to OpenStreetMap on the iPhoto wasn’t an accident. It seems to indicate that change is on the horizon. There’s long been rumors that Apple’s been meaning to boot Google Maps out of iOS. Is this map service switch in iPhoto the first few steps in a showdown between these two tech giants?

The company also made an interesting, but subtle change in its presentation this week. The familiar metal Apple logo was nowhere to be found, instead replaced by a rainbow-hued one. Is this Apple’s new logo; a throwback to Apple’s classic rainbow-striped logo of the company’s early days? Or perhaps Apple’s ditching the monochromatic theme as a way to usher in a new era under Tim Cook, who’s been in the spotlight for his sexuality. It’s also entirely possible that the rainbow logo means nothing and was just used during Apple’s presentation in support of the New iPad’s retina display. -Catherine Cai