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Teenage Girl Wins Coding Contest with Anti-Spoiler Program

The worst thing about getting caught up in a TV show is the risk of spoilers if you don't watch the show's first airing. You've spent a week thinking about all the different directions the next episode of Game of Thrones could take only to have the new episode spoiled because you happened to check your Twitter before you had a chance to watch it. The best solution is avoid all forms of social media until you've had a chance to power up your DVR. But what if there was something that made Twitter a safe place for those of us too busy to catch the first airing of our favorite shows? There actually is.

Mother Jones reports that Twivo was the star of Boston's TVnext Hack event late last month. Twivo is a Chrome extension that acts as a TV spoiler blocker for Twitter. Users simply enter the keywords they want to block and select a period of time to block those keywords. Tweets containing those phrases will be eliminated from your Twitter feed for the determined period of time. The creator of this piece of software is 17-year-old Jennie Lamere, who happened to be the only female entrant in TVnext Hack to present a completed project. Not only did Twivo win first place in its category ("best use of sync-to-broadcast"), it also won "best in show" as well.

Lamere says the extension won't be complete for another couple of weeks, but Mother Jones reports that she's already been approached by Furious Minds, a tech company that wants to help her market the finished program.