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Verisonix Demos Its Flexible, Cardboard-Thin Speakers

Credit: Cnet Asia

(Image credit: Cnet Asia)

There were plenty of big and small speaker systems at CES last week, but Verisonix's e-Speaker is definitely one of the most intriguing pairs of speakers we saw. The e-Speaker is a low power, flexible, card-board thin speaker that is able to play sound at a volume and quality that is just as good as conventional speakers.

Although it is designed for integration into bags and clothing, the e-Speaker's ultra-low energy consumption of 0.1W along with its thin and flexible nature makes it perfect for just about any kind of application. Rather than the graphite of traditional speaker systems, Verisonix's e-Speaker utilizes the power of electrets, a sheet of metal with electrostatic qualities that help keep power consumption and size down.

The company won't be selling the clothes or speakers on their own, but will be partnering up with larger clothing manufacturers to create and sell products with e-Speaker integration. No news on when we might see any of these products in public or their pricing, but we'll definitely be keeping our ears peeled for them.