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Sony's First Windows Phone to be Revealed on Sunday?

Is Sony working on a Windows Phone? That has been the rumor since early 2011, and Sony has even reportedly not ruled out the possibility, indicating that it was waiting to see how Windows Phone evolved. But now it seems that we'll see an actual product sometime soon, perhaps even next week during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This latest report stems from a new prototype image of the supposed Sony-based Windows Phone, codenamed "Julie". The source claims that it's indeed Sony's first, and will announce the product next week during the show. The prototype still sports the same slider form factor as seen in the initial leaked image seen last year (on right).

Since the initial report, much hasn't been said about the phone until last week when two additional images surfaced (below). These displayed the side and front of the phone, chiclet keyboard shoved back under the touchscreen. But they also showed that the prototype still donned the Sony Ericsson logo, leading to the assumption that they could be somewhat old.

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The latest screenshot release, as seen below, shows the phone open and facing up on the left side, and the phone open and faced down on the right side, revealing a metallic backing. The image also shows that Sony has changed the keyboard design, leaning to the Xperia line's use of black, grey, white and metallic surfaces. It even looks a bit more wider, roomier.

So why would Sony choose to sell a smartphone with Windows Phone installed? Why not? Wouldn't it be interesting to see a Windows Phone that's also PlayStation certified? It would definitely appeal to the gamer who likes to play on both teams (Xbox, PlayStation). And it wouldn't be surprising if Sony is already close to releasing the PlayStation Suite for this platform as well.

Regardless, if the source is right, then we'll see this phone next week at Mobile World Congress -- Sunday, actually, as that's when Sony has scheduled a press event. Until then, everything you see and read is mere rumor and speculation. The Truth Is Out There, you just have to wait for it.