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Sony Unveils SmartWatch Companion for Your Android

It looks a lot like one of those iPod nano watches you've seen, but Sony Ericsson's new SmartWatch is a brand new accessory designed to accompany one of the many new Xperia handsets, or one of your other Android devices. For people without wristwatches, reaching into a pocket or purse and pulling out a phone to tell the time can be a bit bothersome. That's where Sony's SmartWatch comes in.

It's basically an update to the company's old LiveView device, which allowed users to check sms messages, emails and listen to music using a Bluetooth connection to their Android 2.0 or higher phone. The SmartWatch features a removable display that can be clipped onto clothing, or attached to just about any watch strap.

While on your wrist or clothing, the SmartWatch keeps you updated with constant notifications whenever new messages or emails arrive. It's pretty much like having the notification bar on your smart phone relocated to your wrist. The device will also allow you to stay updated with your social media networks and control your music, just like its predecessor. The SmartWatch is expected to go on sale sometime this quarter with a price tag around $149. Head on over to the SmartWatch product page for more information and updates.