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AT&T Reveals PlayStation Vita Data Pricing, US Availability

On Monday, just before CES 2012 kicked off for the week, AT&T announced the data plan pricing for the 3G version of Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita. The wireless carrier also said the device -- along with the Wi-Fi only model -- will be made available here in the States on February 22, just over one month away.

Unfortunately, it seems that Sony is sticking to its guns in regards to the eventual price, requesting $249 for the Wi-Fi model and $299 for the 3G/Wi-Fi model. Last week there was speculation that Sony may reduce the Vita's price due to poor sales in Japan during its second week of availability, possibly following a move made by Nintendo in the first half of 2011 to push 3DS units off store shelves. Looks like that won't happen after all.

According to AT&T, next month consumers will have a choice of two data packages: 250 MB a month for $14.99, and 2 GB per month for $25. The best thing about these packages is that consumers won't need to sign a contract, meaning they can start, stop and restart their chosen data package without having to pay those silly termination fees. Users can even activate or reactivate a data plan directly from their PS Vita system.

To tempt gamers into shelling out a monthly fee for a data package, PlayStation Vita owners will be eligible to choose one free download from a list of select games available on the PlayStation Store once they activate the 3G/Wi-Fi unit with an AT&T’s data plan. So far the list of games that will be offered by the company is unknown.

"The data plans for the PlayStation Vita will give gaming enthusiasts a convenient and seamless path to connect to a nationwide mobile broadband network while gaming on the go," said Glenn Lurie, president, emerging devices, AT&T.  "We are looking forward to providing PlayStation Vita users the ability to experience a new era of portable gaming through wireless integration. This introduces an entirely new gaming experience, with access to popular social networking sites, right on the device."

For more information about the 3G/Wi-Fi version of Sony's PlayStation Vita, head here.

  • kcorp2003
    Or just get the wifi model and buy a mobile hotspot plan from clear and get 4G data for $35 unlimited a month. Maybe use that for your laptop and home usage too?
  • joytech22
    Ehh -.- Data plans and all this junk for a console?
    I think I would just stick with the WiFi model and tether it to my phone if I needed internet for it.
  • Travis Beane
    So, you pay $50 extra so you can pay $25 a month for a horrible data plan? I hope those numbers are incorrect, but I doubt they are. Watching a handful of youtube videos and just a little online gaming will eat through 2GB in no time.
  • alidan
    you know I thought this was a, can't say the word I want, complete joke when I first heard AT&T got it. But then I look at these plans, they really aren't that bad, considering I was thinking this would cost close to $50-$100 for the same amount.

    These are also the contract, so it's kind of like buying one of those prepaid cards. If rollovers offered, I could see reason why not to get a 3G version. I have over 50Mbit download and 5mbit upload and a wifi in the home, so I don't need 3G there. Let's say have to visit a relative, or worse yet I have to go far far away from normal technology, I still get a signal just a Wi-Fi. I could see shelling out $15-$25 so I could use the Internet. Granted I wouldn't be streaming movies, I can keep in touch with every website a visit probably for full month on the 250 MB plan, if they allow some kind of ad/image/flash block.

    keep in mind this is pretty much for emergencies only.
  • 2 GB per month for $25? so you pay $25 per month even through you only use 2mb and there will still nothing be leave over the next month. I will love it more if it is $25 for 2GB could be inactive in a year.
  • billybobser
    wonder how many times people are paying for the same amount on bandwidth.

    Unless ofcourse you're using your phone at the same time as your PS, at the same time as your other devices.

    Mobile plans should be on a per person basis (2gb over all devices, unlimited over all devices etc).

    It's just getting rediculous. Data plans are just a scam
  • kinggraves
    Because ATnT always sticks to their terms forever.
  • de5_Roy
    hopefully sony gets their ass kicked for pricing the psv over $200 and nearly $300 for the 3g version. they should really really take some lessons from nintendo 3ds. sell psv for $170~ and make more profit from games and other contents.
  • NuclearShadow
    From the price of the console itself, the extremely high memory card prices, the price of the games, and to top it off the data plans this little handheld is going to cost the consumer a fortune. Lets take just the first year alone.

    $300 for the handheld
    $100 for the 32GB memory card.
    15 or 25 X 12 data $180 or $300
    40 x 6 for games $240(6 games is realistic and prices seem to be 30-50 so 40 is the average)

    So just the first year alone it would easily cost $820 to $940. The following years would be likely cheaper for the consumer but if the average games purchased is maintained at 6 this would mean each following year the consumer with a data plan would pay $420 to $540 a year.

    Is a handheld really worth that much money to invest in?

  • mayne92
    This is all just temporary. If and when it becomes popular ATT will start sticking all the customers in the...