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Sony NGP Getting November 11 Release

Sony first introduced us to the PSP2, codenamed NGP, in January of this year. Word on the street back then was that at least one territory would see the device on shelves before the year was out. As you'd expect, most assumed that Japan would be that territory. However, all is not as it seems, as rumors based on information from third-party licensees suggest European gamers may get their hands on the NGP by the fall.

MCVUK cites sources that say development deadlines have been set to ensure key Western releases are completed before the end of the summer for deployment in the fall. There's also murmurings of a November 11 release.

Sony would be silly not to capitalize on the cash-cow that is the holiday season, but it wouldn't be the first time a company has announced a brand-new handheld and waited 'til after the holidays to release it. Still, an 11/11/11 launch date is something we could definitely get behind. How about it, Sony?