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PlayStation Controls Found in Gingerbread SDK

Various reports are indicating that references to Sony-style controller buttons have recently appeared in the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) SDK. The report coincides with the release of two new videos that revealed a working "PlayStation" phone—the Sony Ericsson Z1-- sporting Google's Gingerbread OS and a PlayStation app.

The Gingerbread SDK has reportedly been available for quite some time, however developers have just noticed that Google recently included the new code referencing classic PlayStation shoulder buttons and other controller commands.

As seen here in "android.view.KeyEvent," there are the following input keys: A, B, C, L1, L2, Mode, R1, R2, Select, Start, ThumbL, ThumbR, X, Y, and Z. Although some of these don't fit within Sony's signature shape-designated configuration, it's speculated that Google left them generic to allow other developers access to the controls.

At one time it was speculated that the PlayStation Phone and the PSP2 could be the same device. However mounting evidence has shown that they are in fact two distinct devices. Currently Sony has not officially announced either product, but the company may reveal the PSP2 at E3 2011 while Sony Ericsson reveals the "Z1" sometime in Q1 2011.

According to recent reports, the Sony Ericsson Z1 will have a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor, a 4-inch touchscreen, a slide-out PSPgo-like controller pad and sport Android 2.3. Other reports have indicated that Sony is currently developing a PlayStation storefront in the Android Market, leading to speculation that it could be possible that Gingerbread-based phones could have access to the Sony apps if hardware permits.