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Sony's Dash Will Support Streaming Netflix

Tuesday Sony said that its upcoming "dash" personal Internet viewer will feature a dedicated application for Netflix when it ships to retail shelves in April. Netflix subscribers will be able to load up the application and stream their favorite movies and TV shows directly to the device.

According to the company, content can be easily accessed through a Queue-based user interface. Choices from a Netflix member’s Queue will be automatically displayed when the Netflix icon on the device is touched.

"We’re continuing to develop innovative products that bring online music, news, video and more into our customers’ homes in real time," said Brennan Mullin, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ personal imaging and audio business.

Sony's dash personal Internet viewer provides a "vivid" 7-inch color touch screen and wireless connectivity. The device shares Sony's BRAVIA Internet Video Link (BIVL) currently accessed by BRAVIA TV sets.

Launched in February 2007, BIVL provides content piped in from AOL, Yahoo, Grouper, Sony Pictures, Sony BMG Music, and more. At launch, Sony's dash will offer over 1,500 apps from BIVL and chumby industries, inc. combined.

In addition to Netflix, Sony also said that Demand Media, Inc. confirmed its place with the upcoming dash device, and will provide eHow, Golflink and LIVESTRONG.COM to the content lineup.

Still, despite the dash's 7-inch screen, streaming Netflix movies right into your hands doesn't sound like a bad deal at all.

Sony's dash is expected to retail around $199.

  • idisarmu
    Dash? I'm sure you won't be allowed to use this while driving.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Does size really matter?

    Hmmmm.....lets see....7 inch personal viewer vs. 48 inch led tv with surround sound.

    No brainer!