Sony BMG Greece Hacked, User Info Revealed

It seems Sony cannot catch a break. On Friday the company faced more bad press when a credit card phishing site was found running on one of its Taiwanese servers. Now, it’s Sony’s Sony BMG music and entertainment arm that is in the crosshairs.

Sony BMG Greece’s website was recently hacked and user information stolen. According to Sophos, an anonymous poster uploaded a user database, including usernames, real names and email addresses of users registered to, to The hackers responsible are thought to used an automated SQL injection tool to find a flaw.

Information sent to Hacker News from the hacker, named only as b4d_vipera, indicates that the attack took place on May 5. A total of 8385 users are said to be affected by the attack.

Last week Sony CEO Howard Stringer commented that no company’s system is 100 percent secure and the PSN breach was "a hiccup in the road to a network future." However, given the trend of attacks on Sony’s system, it seems the company would do well to prepare itself for more hiccups as the high profile PSN attack seems to have made it a target for hackers.

Sony has yet to comment on this attack specifically, and it has not yet addressed last week’s phishing site incident. 

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  • house70
    bren7473How do they alienate their customer base? and I'm asking seriously not taking a stab.

    ...rootkits...aggressive DRM...disabling features that customers paid for....
    need I continue?
  • Other Comments
  • WR2
    Déjà vu all over again?
    You'd think Sony might have had a clue this could happen.
  • bin1127
    WR2Déjà vu all over again?You'd think Sony might have had a clue this could happen.

    it's bad but I don't think Sony could've revamped it's whole global IT security in a few weeks.
  • alidan
    im loling hard...
    this is pathetically sad.