Sonim XP 3400 Armor: The "Toughest" Phone in the World

Sometimes, the best phone may a phone that you can drop in a puddle without fear of water damage or on concrete without wondering if it makes sense to replace the cracked display. In such cases, the Sonim XP 3400 Armor, described as the world's "toughest" mobile phone may be for you.

The phone won't win any design prizes and looks like a late 1990s Nokia phone that has been wrapped in thick rubber. However, according to its manufacturer, the phone is dust-proof, water submersible to 6.5 feet for 1 hour, drop tested up to 6.5 feet onto concrete and features a 1.5 mm thick scratch and shock resistant Corning Gorilla Glass on a bright, two-inch display. If features matter to you, Sonim says it’s a "high-resolution" color display and there is a 2MP camera for video recording. No, it apparently does not run Android in any version, but it has a music player, a web browser and email client. Standby time is 35 days while the talk time is about 9 hours, according to the manufacturer.

The phone is available via C Spire Wireless for $50.

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  • fancarolina
    I'd like to see the blender test.
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  • TheCapulet
    Ruggedized phones are the way to go. Too bad this isn't on verizon.
    This would be a great gift idea if you have a child just barely old enough to have his own cell phone. Too bad I have two younger nephews not quite in grade school yet. They'll have to wait a few years to have something like this. What age, well...that's not exactly something I want to think about, yet. You know how it with cell phones. That's a whole new can of worms.