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Mini L Solarbag Offers Protection, Energy for iPad

Designed by the Element5, the Mini L Solarbag has undergone 'an elaborate and careful manual production in Switzerland', promising its users the highest quality in its green energy producing and ipad protecting ways. Although it certainly isn't the first solar powered bag in existence, the Mini L Solarbag has been dubbed by its creators as a 'mini miracle'.

Element5's creation has been tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the iPad, offering uninterrupted battery charging with its solar energy gathering panels while keeping it all safe in its durable protective cover. Although there aren't too many specifics given to ensure the 'miracle' qualities of this Solarbag, the company claims its 'revolutionary eMicro-Battery sets new standards for recharging Smartphones and iPads.' Although for the price of 348 Swiss Franc, or $412, users may be better off buying a second iPad.