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Solar Gadgets for Summer

Devotec Solar Sound 2 Cont'd

It took about a minute to use Bluetooth to link the Solar Sound 2 with my Sony Ericsson W518 phone and start streaming audio to it. The device puts out surprisingly strong sound that is rich and clear, although if you power it externally it can get one-quarter louder.

Unfortunately, because it uses a Bluetooth wireless link, the system is limited to a range of 20 feet and works best with the phone next to the speakers. I used it with my phone, satellite radio, CD player and a notebook computer.

On the downside, its touch screen is rudimentary with three icons. Through using long or short presses, you can turn it on and off, play or pause, go back and forth among tracks and move the volume up and down. There’s no remote control.

After charging the Solar Sound 2’s 1,600 milli-amp hour lithium ion battery in the sun for 8 hours, it ran for a full day in the sun and well into the night. For night charging, it comes with an AC adapter and a USB cable for linking it with a computer.

Its biggest deficiency is the lack of a true battery gauge. There is a warning that the battery is low, but nothing to tell you it’s fully charged. Still, it’s the easiest way to put sound in its place: anywhere in the sun.

Small and Light
No Remote Control
Surprisingly Good Audio

Connect via Bluetooth or Cable

Can Operate as Speakerphone

Final Score: 4/5


Brian Nadel
Brian Nadel is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in technology reporting and reviewing. He works out of the suburban New York City area and has covered topics from nuclear power plants and Wi-Fi routers to cars and tablets.