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Six Passenger Solar-Powered Boat Cost Less Than $3000

Solar-powered boats aren't exactly new, but they aren't too common either. One of the reasons may have to do with the fact that they can cost tens of thousands of dollars. For one eco-enthusiast, paying that hefty price wasn't too appealing, so he built his own for a fraction of the cost. Dubbed the "Firefly", Dan Baker's DIY solar boat cost him a surprisingly affordable $2,845 USD to build.

It certainly isn't the most luxurious boat in the world, but for the price, it is more than sufficient. Designed to comfortably cruise around on lakes, the Firefly was created with a home-made array of solar panels featuring 6x6 photovoltaic cells purchased on eBay. Steering and acceleration is powered by two brushless DC electric motors mounted on opposite rear corners of the boat.

With a top speed of 4 mph, Baker compares his boat to a leisurely canoe ride. In addition to generating up to 140W of clean energy, the Firefly is also equipped with a few luxuries for its six passengers including: rear storage seats, lounge chairs, bluetooth stereo, LED lighting, detachable swim ladder and all of the necessary safety equipment such as life jackets, a fire extinguisher and marine safety kit.

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