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VEA Smartphone Watch Perfect For Your Workout

One benefit of hitting the machines in the gym is the detailed information regarding your workout. Most modern treadmills and similar equipment allow users to keep track of some essential stats such as distance traveled, calories burnt and heart rate. Unfortunately for those that enjoy their natural surroundings on a jog, these stats aren't so easy to come by without some sort of gadget.

Designed specially for those tech-minded actives, the VEA Sportive combines all of the essentials of a workout into a sporty looking wrist watch. With a 1.5" touchscreen display, it may be a little bit bulky, but that's probably because the Sportive is much more than just a watch. Featuring basic phone functionality, a build in camera, mp3 playback and all of the essential workout stats you could ask for. Complete with 8GB of internal memory and an emergency SOS button, the VEA Sportive is the perfect package for any rigorous or wild workout. 

The Sportive is a great watch but will unfortunately come for a very steep price. Desired users may be happier utilizing their smartphones and workout applications for similar results, unless they are willing to pay the $572 price.