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Rumor: Skype for iPhone Next Week

Word on the street is that iPhone users can expect to see Skype for iPhone as early as next week.

Back in September, Skype CEO Josh Silverman told GigaOm to stay tuned when they asked about Skype for the iPhone. He wouldn’t go into detail but did say, “We need to be on all devices…Skype needs to be everywhere.” He also pointed out that Skype for Pocket PC devices has been downloaded nearly 7 million times. In other words, yes, Skype for iPhone is definitely on the the way.

Today GigaOm reports, citing a reliable source, that Skype for the iPhone is nearly ready to launch and predicts that we could see it as early as next week. With CTIA coming up next week it seems like a pretty safe prediction.

Om Malik writes that the biggest clue about Skype’s pending iPhone launch came when iSkoot decided to move on from its Skype-centric strategy, elaborating that the company had been offering a client that allowed cell phone users to use Skype services.

Skype is already available for those of you running WinMo based devices but how many of you with iPhones are eagerly awaiting the release of this product? I’m waiting (really impatiently) for the release of the new iPhone and coupled with Skype, I’m even more excited. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and we’ll update once we know more.