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IFA 2008 - Shuttle's D10 Barebone with 7-inch Touchscreen

Shuttle, inventor if the SFF PC, has been selling its square-fronted barebones for years. At this year’s IFA, the Taiwanese company showed its D10 barebone with an integrated 7” touchscreen. It is moving beyond its usual domain by extending the usage scenario of this unit to include tasks such as home automation, media playback and video surveillance.

Using the wireless home networking technology Z-Wave, Shuttle demonstrated a system for automated lighting as well as controlling alarm sensors. Shuttle’s surveillance system is meant to improve the security of your home or apartment with up to 16 cameras, all of which can be controlled using the D10’s touchscreen.

The low-profile system is based on the X27 barebone and uses Intel’s Atom platform. Shuttle’s K58, which is also built around the Atom processor, stays true to shuttles typical square front. Both platform are well suited to simple everyday tasks such as browsing, correspondence/email and Office work.