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Scientists Invent Particles That Will Oxygenize Your Blood

Scientific advancements have made it possible for us to communicate without actually talking and travel without walking. What’s next? Technology that will breathe for us?

Apparently, yes.

Scientists at the Boston Children’s Hospital have developed particles consisting of lipids (fats) containing pockets of oxygen, which can be injected into the bloodstream to keep someone oxygenized of 15 to 30 minutes. Yes, these particles can feasibly keep someone oxygenated without respiration, giving someone with respiratory problems enough time for the doctors to treat the respiratory problems.  

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this type of solution before? Well, scientists have, but these solutions didn’t work. Instead, they caused gas embolism, the condition where gas bubbles become trapped in the bloodstream and stop blood flow. The gas bubbles in this workable cure are small and deformable, allowing them to pass through small capillaries without problem.

I wonder if it’s possible for these particles to be storable. Sure, these would be useful at a hospital, but what if these were made available to patients with respiratory problems whose lives would be saved whilst waiting for EMTs to show up.