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Iwata: Sales Low Due To Boring Games

In a recent interview, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata--who's been rather vocal as of late since he hit the stage last week at E3 2010--is claiming that low software sales isn't due to the crappy economy, but rather a lack of quality games. Those are big words coming from a company that plays host to numerous sub-par games on its Nintendo Wii console.

"The slow sales must be due to the lack of great software that everyone wants to buy," he said. "We have not shown off the great attractions of whatever we are selling. This is not the problem of Nintendo alone, but the entire videogame industry."

Naturally this is where the Nintendo 3DS steps in. It's a fresh experience that will help the industry grow. Then again, could this software slump be what's provoking developers and publisher to "go retro" with updated classics like Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Donkey Kong Country Returns, GoldenEye: 007, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii?

Iwata seems to think consumers have moved on from wanting epic, over-inflated, graphically-oriented games. He also admitted that its become more increasingly difficult to create something new and different "and show people how different we are." He added that the industry needs to come to terms with that reality.

"Looking at the product line-ups this year, these titles might have been big hits three years ago," he said. "But now this year, they are not selling that much. In other words, people get tired of games more quickly than they did before. When you look at our 3D games concept, we recognize it will not be eternally appealing. However, it’s not a shallow concept that can be forgotten as a momentary fad."

What's the current state of the industry? Is it like Hollywood and full of rehashed ideas and remakes of classic titles? Or are there genuinely great games to be had that debunks Iwata's theory? Maybe what the scene needs is something so revolutionary, so incredibly fresh that it changes the way games take shape from here on out.