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SNL Makes Fun of Google Glass in Parody Sketch

Google Glass might be months away from general release, but business analytics firm IHS reckons the smartglasses market will have grown to 10 million units by 2016. That said, for now, Google Glass is the only player in town and only a handful of people have access to the device. As a result, anyone spotted using one is bound to look a bit strange. Before it becomes the norm, SNL decided to parody the device in a funny sketch aired this past weekend.


The sketch in question sees Fred Armisen extol the benefits of Google Glass to SNL's Seth Meyers. Among the advantages listed by Armisen: the fact that you no longer need to look down at your smartphone, and the subtlety of the gestures that trigger Google Glass' functions.

Check out the video over on NBC (there's also a painfully low quality version on YouTube if you're outside the U.S.).