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Really: A Facebook Keyboard for Addicts

Social Keyboards has got a new piece of kit aimed at Facebook fiends that want to feed their social networking addiction without having to work their way around Facebook's confusing and ever-changing UI. With 19 Facebook-specific hotkeys, the SNAK Facebook Keyboard allows you to upload photos, view your homepage, upload a video from your computer or webcam, access Facebook for Developers, access your account settings, privacy settings, most recent updates, phonebook, visit the Facebook help center and a whole bunch more.

Though we initially thought no one could ever be so into Facebook that they'd need a piece of equipment like this, Social Keyboard's CEO says news coverage about the keyboard has actually crashed the company’s PayPal store. If you're among those so involved in Facebook that you need shortcut keys to make your Facebooking more efficient, you can visit the eBay store SN set up when its own store ground to a halt. International shipments are available and the keyboard itself costs $30.