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VOTW: Stop-motion Angry Birds is Awesome

If you have an iPhone or any one of the many, many Android phones available today, there's a very good chance you've played Angry birds. Heck, even if you just know someone with an iPhone or an Android phone, there's a good chance you've played Angry Birds. It's addictive, it's fun, and it can be very frustrating. Sometimes you may find yourself wondering if the folks at Rovio have ever taken a single physics class, but most of the time, all you care about is getting your three stars and moving on to the next level. 

Still, some of us have finished Angry Birds and have nothing left to do but gaze wistfully at others who are still enjoying the game. If you find yourself falling into this category, perhaps we could tempt you to take up crafts. You know, Angry Birds-related crafts?

This stop-motion recreation of an Angry Birds level (complete with sound effects!) is the perfect example of Angry Birds fandom gone wild. Created by Gregory Cortez, it's 0:50 seconds of construction paper and artistic talent mashed together with perfect results. Check it!

Source: Gadget Her