Rockstar Releases New Gameplay Trailer for GTA V

First announced in October of 2011, we've been waiting a long time for Grand Theft Auto V. The game is finally coming to market this September, which means Rockstar still has a solid few months to max out hype for the game before it hits stores.

We've already seen plenty of character trailers but this week, Rockstar is treating us to a gameplay trailer. The studio has released a new trailer that shows viewers a sneak peek inside the world of Grand Theft Auto V and its three characters, Michael, Franklin and Trip. Of course there are the missions that form the game's objective, but you can also go hunting, bike ride, or do a parachute jump all within GTA V's reimagined version of California.

Check out the trailer below and see the game for yourself.

Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

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  • emike09
    I'm saddened at the lack of PC support thus far.
  • Ramy Mahmoud
    it would even look better on PC. very sad
  • meowmix44
    It would be heaven on PC..... Rockstar always finds a way to make me cry :(

    I cry right now :'(

    I not spend 400 on console and game, but on a MSI Lightning I sureley would:)